Twitter, or how to use this social medium for professional purposes

Workshop led by Tamara over Zoom

Workshop format: 4 consecutive daily active learning sessions of 2 hours

Maximum number of participants: 12

Tentative dates: May 25th to 28th, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9h to 10h30, Tuesday from 17h30 to 19h CET

Workshop contribution: 10 EUR for members, 20 EUR for non-members (includes a beneficiary membership fee)

Workshop description

Twitter is a social medium that many avoid due to negative publicity and the overwhelming amount of information being shared. This workshop will teach you why Twitter is useful for any professional and how to tweet about your projects to increase your visibility, help spread values you believe in, follow news in your fields, and help you connect with other professionals or potential employers. A series of exercises will help you get to understand the basics of Twitter and the functionalities that can help you use it for professional purposes. Through immediate feedback and learning by doing, you will be able to start tweeting professional content, and set up tools to help you find the relevant content among the usual Twitter noise. 

The Twitter workshop consists of four 2-hour long sessions (Monday-Thursday, 17h30-19h30 CEST), with some homework to do between each session, as well as personalised feedback from Tamara. To support the work of Rhizome association, we ask all participants for a small contribution (10 EUR for members and 20 for non-members, which includes a yearly beneficiary membership fee). Join us for 8h of interactive online workshop in one of the two weeks in May! First come first serve, maximum of 12 participants per workshop.


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