The Rhizome Association conceives and hosts educational programs and interdisciplinary projects in Europe and beyond. You will find an up-to-date list of our most important projects here:

Science Survival Kit Summer Semester

“Science Survival Kit” Summer Semester is an opportunity to develop important research skills early in the student’s career. Research skills are very diverse, ranging from article analysis and experimental design, to creativity and leadership skills. It is therefore crucial to introduce them in a systematic way from early in your studies, and to build on top of previously introduced skills to achieve their mastery.

Since solving complex and global problems requires interdisciplinary experts, focusing on interdisciplinary topics is an important goal of the Science Survival Kit Summer Semester (SSKSS) curriculum. Workshop-based, intensive modules offer a chance to focus the attention on one topic through different approaches from different disciplines and points of view, taught by researchers from various fields. Dedicating an intensive time for an interdisciplinary topic in each module offers means to connect diverse scientific concepts and presents the participants with a unified view on science.

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