Siri, are you human?

Since their invention, computers have been put to work to take over simple and repetitive numerical tasks. Today, with the introduction of machine learning techniques in many facets of life, we are beginning to see the many possibilities of handing over complex (intelligent?) tasks to the computer.

The two sides of a coin: How do natural disturbances perturb forest ecosystems?

For the last few months there has been lots of news about forest fires in Australia, a natural seasonal phenomenon. However, both the location and extent of these bushfires are novel. You might be wondering what effect fire and, more generally, disturbances could have on forest ecosystems. One way of estimating it would be to use multiple ecological indices to quantify the amount of change induced by a disturbance.

Laying the Foundations

When we set out our course towards an intensive 2-weeks interdisciplinary science program, we were focused on providing science enthusiasts and life-long learners with a set of basic skills needed to understand interdisciplinary life sciences (see our blog post announcement). […]