The Rhizome Association represents our vision of future education, based on active learning, skills development and interdisciplinary projects in science, arts and civic engagement.

The goal of our association is to develop and implement educational programs and interdisciplinary projects, the first ones being focused on interdisciplinary life sciences.

Why Rhizome?

Rhizome is a biological term for an underground part of some plants. It’s not a root, but a modified nodular stem. Each nodule has a capacity to shoot out a new plant, once it becomes large enough.

Rhizome is also a philosophical concept developed by Deleuze and Guattari. It describes an organization or a process that ‘ceaselessly establishes connections between semiotic chains, organizations of power, and circumstances relative to the arts, sciences, and social struggles.’

Both concepts reflect our approach – organic growth focusing on quality and establishing strong connections.

Rhizome Association is a registered (loi 1901) association in France with operations in Europe and beyond. It was founded on December 21st 2017 by Tamara Milosevic and Omar Awile and is governed by its statutes and run by an awesome team singlemindedly pursuing our vision:

President of the association, co-founder
Tamara Milosevic, Ph.D.
Treasurer of the association, co-founder
Omar Awile, Ph.D.
Secretary of the association
Aïmen El Assimi
Vice-treasurer of the association
Judith Boldt
Vice-secretary of the association
Ivan Cornut