Here is what we learned from the first 15 ITeachLikeThis residents!

Teaching diversity

ITeachLikeThis project was started as an experiment to bring together a diverse group of educators willing to share their story on Twitter – why they started teaching and how they teach. Our goal was to start a discussion about which methods work and could be transferred to other educational settings, as well as to showcase what it means to be an educator in the 21st century.

Our small team was happy to host the first 15 educators and to celebrate these first 15 amazing people we would like to bring you some of our favorite tweets:


  1. Elena, who teaches in a kindergarten in Paris, shared with us the power of self-reflection

  2. Marija, who teaches children of all ages in the botanical garden in Belgrade, shared with us one of these wonderful teaching moments 


  3. Liubov, who teaches maths to children all over the world, shared with us how we can learn through playing with others

  4. Nina, who teaches theatre in a student club in Paris, shared with us why she focuses on self-confidence in an informal learning environment

  5. Sarah, who teaches at an integrated undergraduate science programme in Leicester, shared with us why it’s important for university students to study abroad

  6. Helena, who teaches yoga and mindfulness to learners of all ages in Zagreb, shared with us why we should try to learn about ourselves


  7. Vincent, who teaches lifelong learners how to develop projects using research methodologies, shared with us why we should think of the most important question of our lives

  8. Mathilde and Raphael, two librarians from the EPFL library who teach information literacy to students in Lausanne, shared with us that the main role of librarians is to support learning

  9. Fabienne, who teaches all ages of people to learn how to learn, shared with us why teaching through projects is an effective way to learn

  10. Goran, who teaches chemistry in an international school in China, shared with us why saying “I don’t know” changes the perspective of a teacher

  11. Lecturers without borders, a network of professors and scientists giving outreach-lectures in schools all around the world, shared with us why it matters to speak (and teach) in a local language

  12. Exposure Science Film Hackathon, who use an intense learning-by-doing to help scientists and filmmakers create films in Switzerland, shared with us how a collaborative process yields results

  13. Jill, who teaches Scientific English to Master’s and PhD students in Paris, shared with us how video creation can be used to document the learning experience

  14. Davorka, who teaches human evolution to university students in Zagreb, shared with us why teaching a history of a specific field matters to our understanding of it

  15. Anni, who teaches programming concepts to primary school children in an international school in Paris, shared with us why it is so important to schedule time for self-reflection and feedback at the end of our lessons


And you? What exciting insight from you teaching life will you share with us?

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