Sharing your story: #ITeachLikeThis in your classroom

The ITeachLikeThis project has started on the 8th of October and has had 6 residents so far. After two months, it’s time to reflect on the project, so we asked the 1st resident, Elena, to answer our questions.

ITLT: Why did you decide to start tweeting?
Elena: I decided to start tweeting because I really enjoy sharing my teaching experiences as teaching is a passion. I follow a lot of websites and social media pages written by teachers who are sharing their experiences and I truly think this is helpful for all professionals. By following these pages and websites, I had a lot of ideas of new activities and workshops. It also helps me to think about what being a teacher means, which teacher I want to be. By tweeting for ITeachLikeThis, I wanted to share my experiences, some activities and some thoughts I had about teaching and pedagogy in order to help the followers. As you can see by reading my tweets, I am more interested by sharing my experience than speaking about me and why I start teaching because I think it will be more helpful for others.

ITLT: What did you learn from the experience?
Elena: First of all I learned how to use TweetDeck as I didn’t know this platform before. I also learn how to communicate my ideas by tweeting. To be honest, I would have learned more if I had some answers to my tweets, some discussions about what I tweeted but I understand it was the first week of the project and therefore I didn’t have that much followers.

ITLT: Who would you recommend this experience to?
Elena: I recommend this experience to anyone who is willing to share their teaching experiences and who believe that it will be helpful for others. I also recommend this to anyone who, like me, follow account and pages which share teaching experiences so they can participate in this sharing experience.

ITLT: Would you participate again in a similar project?
Elena: Yes I would!

ITLT: What are you looking forward to hearing from other teachers?
Elena: I want to hear about their experiences, their thoughts about their teaching, their difficulties (even though it is not easy to admit it…). I would be very happy to read about what they are doing in their class, what are their plans, their tips, what did they learn from their experiences. I think it would be great to have discussions following their tweets, to share different opinions and similar experiences or to help with difficulties.

ITLT: Do you have any advice for future teachers?
Elena: My biggest advice would be to think about what they want to tweet, some subjects they want to speak about before the week starts because most of the time you are in your week, in your teaching with your students and you might not have time to think about it. Scheduling tweet might also be very helpful sometimes.

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