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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The world is in need of change, we are facing complex global problems that need innovative solutions and need them fast.
We, at Rhizome Association, believe we can help to change the world through education, through designing meaningful learning opportunities for adult learners, through teaching essential skills and interdisciplinary thinking. We believe those who choose to learn and teach with us will go on and change the world, be it through science, arts or civic engagement.

But we know we cannot do this alone. Luckily, there are thousands of educators around the world, who are doing the same. The teachers in formal education systems, the animators in informal learning settings, and the coaches and mentors in non-formal learning situations. Each of these educators is doing their best and using their own unique approach, picking the most suitable methods and tools, to address the needs of her/his learners, and to prepare them to solve their personal and societal challenges of the future.

We cannot do this alone

Unfortunately, we know many educators are not being heard. Many approaches they have created and tested went unnoticed. And many successful methods that yield results will never reach a wider audience because these educators focus on what they do best – teach another generation of learners.

We want to give a voice to those passionate teachers and offer them a stage and a large audience to easily share what they are doing, what their approach is and why do they teach in that specific way.

That is why we are launching the “I Teach Like This” project. Inspired by the @RealScientists project, we ask any educator, teaching at any level, to volunteer to take over our Twitter account during one week, to communicate about their life as a teacher, their everyday work, their approach to teaching, a particularly exciting project or an experience that made them happy. Our goal is to engage a diverse group of educators to share what it means to be a teacher in the 21st century, through articles, thoughts, experiences, anything that shows the work and passion of being an educator. We hope each of them will contribute to inspire other people to learn more and to teach more, by reaching out to the community of teachers and to the rest of the world.

Teaching diversity
Teaching diversity

We will launch the ITeachLikeThis project on Twitter on the World Teachers’ Day, October 5th, 2018. But in the meantime, we need your help to find our first ITeachLikeThis residents!

If you are an educator in a formal, non-formal or informal education setting, please come forward and share your best practices as a resident at the ITeachLikeThis project. If you know an excellent educator, someone who has changed your mindset and influenced you as a role model, let them know about our initiative.

Let’s show the world how teaching, coaching and educating looks like today, and let’s get inspired by our peers!

  • Are you an educator and passionate about teaching? Join ITeachLikeThis residency program and tweet with us for a week. Please sign up here, contact us by email and/or follow ITeachLikeThis twitter account.
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