Build up your science foundations with the Rhizome Foundations Course!

Silence from the Rhizome team does not mean there is no news, quite the contrary! After postponing our ambitious Science Survival Kit program for summer 2019, we are in full preparations for the Foundations course, taking place in from the 16th to 28th July 2018 in Split, Croatia.


Why is it called “Foundations”?

This 2-week-long program is created to give anyone who finished high school a basic practical understanding of what is interdisciplinary life science. Through active learning methods and several small science projects, we teach the basics of programming in Python, electronics with Arduino, lab skills through genetics, and science communication, both online and in science outreach events. All in all, you get the basic understanding and some basic skills = the foundations.



Why should I care?

  • Because increasing your science literacy is essential for the understanding of the world around you
  • Because you don’t need to have any prior knowledge, except for high school
  • Because you will experience the power of interdisciplinary skills applied to one project
  • Because you will prepare for your future internships and science career
  • Because you will learn faster and better through our interdisciplinary collaborative learning approach
  • Because you will be able to put several accomplished projects on your CV
  • Because you will meet international people who, just like you, enjoy challenges and learning-by-doing

We are waiting for you in MedILS, just a few meters away from the beautiful blue Adriatic sea!
(in this video, they are kayaking past the institute around 0:45 seconds into the video)


How do I apply?

Just follow this link to our website, read about the program and apply as soon as possible to ensure your spot!