LevelUp! Announcing the introductory and advanced SSK modules!


Last week we made a challenging but important decision!

Instead of offering all 5 modules of Science Survival Kit (SSK) as a continuous program lasting 12 weeks in summer 2018, we will start with offering 3 introductory modules during 6 weeks, from July 16th to August 26th 2018.

Here is how this changes things for the better!

  1. Duration – The 6 weeks learning expedition leaves you fresh to go towards your full potential and develop both knowledge and skills in this intensive program. There is still time for a week of holidays and exploring the beautiful and hidden gems of Croatia!
  2. Price – A shorter program also means a lower price, because the most expensive part of the participation is the accommodation in Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Despite a high price, being in Split gives you an advantage to easily hop to nearby islands and national parks.
  3. Academic Calendar Compatibility – SSK now fits right between the two semesters for all of you who are still studying at the university and want to gain essential skills during summer time without missing out on your studies. Start your next year of studies or the next internship with an interdisciplinary point of view that will help you learn more deeply and ask valuable questions.
  4. Modularity – Splitting the program into introductory and advanced modules gives everyone a way to determine the level they want to pursue.
    → Want to explore what the interdisciplinary approach to life science means? Want to develop the initial skills in research? Then come for the introductory modules!
    → Are you interested in engineering your own research tools? Do you want to develop your creativity and teamwork skills while addressing the burning questions on how do we innovative and protect our environment? Then continue on to the advanced modules!

SSK modules are suited for everyone, no matter your experience or training, and they need to be taken sequentially.

So join us in 2018 for the introductory modules, and continue with your skills development in the advanced modules in 2019 as the first generation of learners who will receive the SSK and SSK advanced certificates and SSK OpenBadges!

all SSK badges

To find out more about SSK and apply, check out our SSK website.

To discover the introductory modules, read Niko’s posts about Intro, Thermal Wars and LabSprint modules.

And stay tuned for Niko’s posts about the advanced SSK modules – Biosensors and SeaSprint!