Science Survival Kit – a learning expedition for the explorers of the world!


Science Survival Kit is a summer program we are starting at Rhizome Association. These two 6-week learning expeditions will take a handful of learners into the exciting exploration of the living world, from molecules to ecosystems.

But why would you want to embark on those journeys?

We cannot compare these expeditions to Charles Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle that lasted 5 years, but even two times 6 weeks might be a long time to spend at the sea. Adriatic sea is beaming with biodiversity and is increasingly popular with travelers from all around the world. High tourism demand might have an impact on the micro and macro habitats, so we might have to hurry to study and protect the Adriatic sea.

studyA plethora of FabLabs and DIYBio labs exist around the world, and you might have one in your neighborhood. You may be a maker already, or really afraid of the black screen on your computer. No matter what your level is, we will make sure to guide you through the process of learning how to code and hack step-by-step, allowing you to collaborate with your peers and construct new devices that we can use to explore the world around us.

If you are a student, you might be expected to conduct a research internship at the end of your studies. Most of the university programs struggle to teach you the research skills necessary for a fruitful internship experience because they dedicate the little available time to teach you the necessary knowledge. Science Survival Kit will gradually introduce you to the basics, so you won’t need to fear the outcomes of your internship and will be able to fully enjoy the real life of a scientist.

intergenerationalScience Survival Kit is open to everyone who completed a high school, no matter how old you are or what you have studied after high school. We believe intergenerational learning is empowering everyone to be a teacher and a learner, by sharing their knowledge and contributing to skills development of others. Diverse backgrounds bring in different viewpoints and increase our collaborative capacity to solve complex problems around us. Efficiently working together and valorizing all contributions will bring us one step closer to solving the scientific, environmental and societal challenges of tomorrow.

Our program is an informal learning endeavor, where we won’t evaluate your knowledge using a scale, but challenge you to attain your potential, through personalized coaching and peer-to-peer feedback. We won’t give you an established diploma (you will earn OpenBadges and our Science Survival Kit Certificate), but you will complete these journeys with an incredible set of skills, more than a dozen completed projects, strong friendships, and a lifelong thirst for knowledge and exploration.

Don’t say we did not warn you 🙂

Yours in learning,