What is your opinion about Innovative Teaching?

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I’m Nikola, your post-writer for the day 🙂

I am also the deputy secretary of Rhizome Association and have enjoyed various courses of Tamara Milosevic for the last two years.

In this post, I would like to talk to you about innovative teaching. As you might have observed, schools and higher education institutions are investing a lot of time and money to experiment and try out new ways to teach and learn. However, very few university teachers have received a formal pedagogical education. The way they are teaching is often inspired by their teachers and their personal experience on what they think was the best environment for learning they received. But learning needs have changed in the last decades drastically. Also, innovative teaching is hard to put in place because it requires a substantial investment from both teachers and students. Teachers must constantly try to improve and personalize their teaching approach to engage their students in active learning. If you are willing to know more about this, you can check this blog to get you started.

My opinion

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Personally, I experienced a novel way of learning during my studies in the Biology bachelor program where I had courses given by Tamara. Among other things, I would say that those courses helped me gain independence in my learning. Indeed, I learned how to learn from the tremendous amount of resources available around me and to focus precisely on what I need to fulfill my objectives.

Learning is a day-by-day adventure. It is up to you to decide how, and what, you are willing to learn.

If someone asked me “What is needed for innovative teaching?”, I would say: Feedback! Feedback and an open conversation between teacher and student allow to co-create the best environment for teaching and learning. And you, what do you think? Which word best describes innovative teaching for you?

Have an awesome day at teaching or learning 🙂