Science education in the Balkans!

Thanks to the CRI4ALL club at Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, I had a pleasure to present some of the projects I have been involved in for the past decade in the Balkan region.
Global Education Round Table: Educational Challenges in the Balkans held on January 15th 2018 brought together my colleagues from Croatia and Serbia to present the educational projects for school children and university students.



So here we were, a handful of educational rebels, talking about projects I am thankful to have been part of!


I started by going back to 2007, when Darja and I started Summer Science Factory in MedILS, a project that is still ongoing in two cities in Croatia. Suncan and Lucija presented how this summer science program for primary and high school children looks like today.


Dule then opened the floor to educational center in Serbia – the famous Petnica Science Center which has an incredible 30+ year history of educating high school children in science. Bachelor students from Frontiers in Life Science had a 2-week learning-through-research module called LabSprint in Petnica from 2012 to 2016, and I presented the hybrid course methodology and the skills development of that module.


Finally, I got a chance to announce the Science Survival Kit Summer Semester, the first project of the Rhizome Association, which will take place in Croatia in summer 2018!
The applications for the semester are now open, so help us reach the motivated undergraduate students who would like to join us in exploring the interdisciplinary science through project-based learning!